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Do you have an e-commerce and would like to seize the benefits of blockchain technology by ensuring more security to your customers?

Easy, fast and even more secure thanks to the Escrow guarantee

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GoGo®Pay allows you to pay online with any credit cards and with low fees for your company. 

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How does it work?

GoGo®Pay is suitable for all types of businesses. You only need to join the network and enable the payment system on your e-commerce. By doing so, you can sell your products online accepting the vouchers, which will be purchased previously by your customers.

What is GoGo®Pay

A plug-in you can easily install on the management system of your e-commerce. At the moment, compatible platforms include: 


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How to get them?

If the customer does not have the voucher necessary to proceed with the purchase of the products in the cart, they can click on “Pay with GoGoPay” and the system automatically creates a voucher of equal value that can be paid with any credit cards.

The process is completely automatic and the voucher can be immediately used to complete the purchase. The whole operation takes only a few seconds and benefits from the utmost security guaranteed by blockchain technology.

Escrow Wallet

While making a purchase, the Escrow works as a guarantee system between the parties.
Every time a customer buys something from your e-commerce, you can be sure that their funds will be covered until the end of that transaction. GoGoPay and blockchain technology will support your customers in their purchase, will build customer loyalty for your business and, therefore, jump-start your sales. 

  1. Buyer makes the payment, which is transferred to the Escrow account.
  2. Seller delivers goods to the buyer.
  3. Escrow sends payment to the seller in case the transaction is in conformity, otherwise it sends the payment back to the buyer.

Conversion into FIAT currency

Once cashed-in, the GoGo®Pay will end up inside your wallet, which is protected by blockchain technology. You will be able to convert it into the desired currency for a fee which can be lowered up to 1.1%*.

*GoGo®Pay is meant to be used exclusively within an authorized system. In order to become a seller and accept vouchers as a payment system, you will need to fill in a risk assessment form related to your commodity category. Depending on the risk index, a conversion percentage of the vouchers into euros will be assigned, ranging from 1.8% to 8% (to be lowered up to 1.1% depending on your turnover).

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Fill in the risk assessment form on your commodity category and the system will automatically assign you a cash-out fee starting from 1.1% to a maximum of 8%

No additional charges

See the Terms and conditions

No subscription needed

No minimum transaction volume required

Come possiamo aiutarti?

Potrebbe trattarsi di una problematica legata alla carta o al conto dei tuoi clienti o in alternativa alla tua categoria merceologica.

Chatta con noi per trovare una soluzione o fissa una call.

Abbiamo creato un innovativo sistema di pagamento in voucher che ti permetterà di poter transare qualsiasi prodotto con tutte le carte di credito possibili.

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I GoGo®Voucher da te incassati verranno trasferiti sul tuo wallet, ma fino a quando non verrà richiesta la conversione in euro i soldi non verranno accreditati sul tuo conto. In questo modo potrai continuare tranquillamente a transare e a ricevere i rispettivi importi sul tuo wallet. Comunicaci gli estremi del nuovo conto e provvederemo a trasferirvi quanto da te convertito. Vuoi sapere come?

Chatta con noi o fissa una call tecnica.

La garanzia Escrow in blockchain ti permette di ottimizzare il servizio clienti e gestire il flusso di pagamenti in maniera più veloce e sicura.
Fissa una call tecnica con i nostri esperti per capire assieme come aumentare il volume del tuo business.

Fissa una call tecnica con i nostri esperti. Ti spiegheremo come utilizziamo la garanzia Escrow in blockchain e garantirti così un sistema di pagamento sicuro.

La Garanzia Escrow in blockchain ti permette di tutelare la sicurezza ed il completamento della transazione.

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